1. How To Wash Your Home for Painting

    reparing your home for painting is a process that starts even before moving any objects away from your home or putting down drop sheets. The preparation first begins with washing the exterior of your home. By properly washing your home prior to painting, you can expect a longer lasting paint job. We will explain why and how to prepare your home for painting by washing the exterior.

  2. May 2022 Update

    Now that the month of May is over, we are almost in Summer. That’s why we are starting our 10% Summer Promotion starting June 1. It won’t last long! Our schedule books up fast so if you want a quote, fill out request form.

  3. Is Soft Washing Safe for My Home?

    When many first hear the term, “soft washing,” it is not always clear what that means. And to be fair, the process of soft washing is not as common in Canada as it is in USA. Nevertheless, the climate in the Pacific Northwest makes the conditions ideal for use of soft washing. But is it safe?

  4. How Often Should You Clean Windows?

    Window washing is often a chore that might be put off every time. Washing those hard to reach windows can be daunting when you have to climb up and down a ladder. Even though you might have those hard to reach windows, neglecting these routine chores should not be neglected.

  5. March 2022 Update

    March is typically seen as the month which marks the start of the exterior washing season. Whereas January and February are normally filled with gutter cleaning appointments, March sees an increase in roof cleaning, window washing, and exterior soft washing projects.

  6. Top 5 Most Common Types of Siding Every Homeowner Should Know

    There are many different varieties of siding material that can be used for homes, each one with a different look, material, and colour. These are just some factors when deciding which type of siding you would like to impress your neighbours and increase your curb appeal!

  7. Introducing Revive Services

    Today we announce that we are no longer Revive Washing. We are changing the name of our company to Revive Services. The name might change, but our excellent quality of service is still the same.

  8. Considerations When Hiring a Power Washing Contractor

    Like with any product or service, deciding which power washing company to choose for your project has its share of implications. It is a decision worth weighing and considering. So how exactly will you make the decision? In this article we will give you some considerations when choosing a power washing company so that your greatest asset, your home, will be protected and clean!

  9. 2021 Recap and Highlights

    At Revive Services, we had a pretty large goal for the year: to co-sponsor a school in Cambodia. Up until 2021, we were donating a portion of our revenue to help fund the production of water wells.

  10. November 2021 Update

    November is the month we really kick the Christmas light season up a gear. During the month we suspend all soft house washing, window washing, and roof cleaning projects due to the weather, and focus almost exclusively on Christmas light installation and gutter cleaning.