4 Ways to Get More Google Reviews

If you are running a home service business today in 2019, having an online presence is absolutely massive. It can be dizzying how many platforms to be present on, however for this post, I want to talk about how to get more Google reviews to improve your online reputation and drive more business.

When growing a local home service business, Google reviews are extremely important. I read a statistic that 88% of homeowners trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. 

2 Notes to keep in Mind:

  1. The client needs a gmail email address to write a Google review
  2. Even with a gmail address, some clients will not want their name being publicly posted online; and although they may be happy with your services, they do not want to post a review. 

Here are 4 strategies to get more 5 star reviews on Google:

1.Ask Multiple Times – In our sales cycle, we mention Google reviews to our client 4 times. Our crew mentions our Google reviews before we start the job and then they ask at the end of the job when the client is happy with our work. We then email the paid receipt which also asks for a review. Lastly, when our Production Manager does a follow up call on our washing services, the homeowner is asked a 4th time.

2.Make it Personal – We have the most success when we make the ask for a review a personal one. Client’s do not want to review your company as much as they want to review YOU. We make it a point at our company that our technicians get the review because it is about them. I notice this in my own life. I am not as eager to write a review for a massive company like Amazon, but I will review a local company who sends a friendly technician because I experienced great service from that friendly technician.

3.Deliver a Great Service – This goes a bit without saying, but client’s only want to review you if you really deliver a great experience. The client does will not remember what you said or what you did, they will remember how you made them feel. This sounds sappy but it is true. A friendly technician who does great job makes a homeowner feel safe and gives peace of mind that the job is being done right.

4.Make it Easy – The process of reviewing your company has to be easy! I recommend having a short link that links directly to your Google My Business so that you can text that link to your client to get a review. In this way it will literally take the client 2 minutes to leave you a review. To set this up, I found this video to be helpful.

Dave talks about window washing and gutter cleaning in Surrey BC and simple strategies to get more Google reviews

We use these strategies above at Revive Washing to drive more business. We get prospects phoning our company number every day saying that they heard about us on Google. When you are successful with getting reviews, it is important that you reply to these reviews. Along with more reviews as well as your replies, will help rank your business in search. 

Google reviews has helped my company Revive Washing get more business with our power washing services, window cleaning services, and gutter cleaning services in South Surrey, BC. We ask multiple times, ask personally, and deliver a great service with our house washing services. 

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it brings you some value!

Dave Moerman

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