Considerations When Hiring a Power Washing Contractor

Like with any product or service, deciding which power washing company to choose for your project has its share of implications. It is a decision worth weighing and considering. So how exactly will you make the decision?

In this article we will give you some considerations when choosing a power washing company so that your greatest asset, your home, will be protected and clean!

1. Liability Insurance

First and foremost, a power washing company should protect you and your home from liability. They must own and be able to prove proper liability insurance is up to date.

Because of the nature of power washing, many accidents can occur. Things such as stripping paint off fences and decks, wood damage, siding damage, and personal injury, whether to the cleaning technician or the homeowner.

When a company owns liability insurance, it not only protects you, the homeowner, from damages and liability, it helps build credibility and relationships. When you trust a company with your greatest asset, you are more likely to trust them to offer more services than just power washing (should they offer it).

2. Experience and Company Reputation

These days it has become easier than ever to find out if a company is reputable. Many companies will have several social media profiles with reviews, as well as reviews on Google, and on their own website, as well.

Peruse through a company’s reviews, paying specific attention to the power washing reviews (or any other specific services you are interested in). If there are many poor reviews, that is a red flag that should be avoided.

Remember, that the lowest priced company does not mean they produce a high quality service. It is worth checking out the reviews of the higher priced companies to compare the experience of their customers.

Power washing companies also have the ability to reply to online reviews. Pay attention to the responses to reviews, especially the negative reviews, to rule out disrespectful companies.

A Revive Washing cleaning technician is power washing stubborn gutters.

3. Proper Power Washing Equipment

The most basic equipment one needs to power wash is a power washer and a wand. There are many other types of equipment that are needed to do a job both efficiently and effectively. Things such as, soap nozzles, turbo nozzles, extension wands, surface washers (such as Whirl-A-Way), soaps and detergents. Note that power washers are commonly 2800-3200psi, but large surface washers require at least 4000psi power washers to operate.

All these things are used to complete a job efficiently, and the longer it takes for a power washing company to finish your project, the more they will charge you.

4. Friendly Technicians

Sometimes the difference between one power washing company and another boils down to the friendliness of the owner and/or staff.

Remember, power washing should be a routine chore done to avoid mold, algae and other damage to your property. The last thing you want is a rude technician on your property, no matter how refined his or her power washing skills are. Our team are some of the friendliest people and would love to service your home.


These are a few considerations homeowners should make when hiring a contractor to work on their property. Should you come to realization that Revive Washing is best option for you, feel free to give us a call at 604-398-4040 or fill out our quote request form online.

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