How Often Should You Clean Windows?

Window washing is often a chore that might be put off every time. Washing those hard to reach windows can be daunting when you have to climb up and down a ladder. Even though you might have those hard to reach windows, neglecting these routine chores should not be neglected.

The Importance of Window Washing

One important reason to wash your windows regularly and often, is that a clean window will allow more light in. Oxidization and hard minerals on the windows can prevent light from coming into your home. Dirt and dust can also settle on windows. These, and other pollutants, can cause allergies and respiratory issues.

Allowing the natural light to penetrate through your home’s window has health benefits, as well. More sunlight means more vitamin D when exposing skin to natural light. Vitamin D helps in cellular functions and absorption of calcium in the bones. Vitamin D is not naturally found in many foods, so the best way is to either supplement, or receive sunlight.

Sunlight is so important, not just for your health, but for the efficiency of your home. The dirtier the windows are, the less heat your windows will let into your home. During the hot summer months, opening the windows (depending on the style of window) to let the cool air in will also let in all those pollutants into your home.

Without washing windows, the oxidization, hard water, and dirt can significantly decrease the life of the windows by making the glass weaker. Washing windows is a more effective way to revive windows than replacing them entirely.

Lastly, having a house full of clean, new-looking windows increases the curb appeal of your home. You take your car for a wash routinely. Why should your greatest asset – your home – be treated any differently?

How Often Should You Clean Windows?

The short answer is, “there is no such thing as too much.”

In reality, the answer depends on several environment factors. These can be determined by asking the following questions:

  • Do I live by a busy road?
  • Is my home surrounded by many trees?
  • Is there new construction near my home?
  • Do I live by a beach?
  • Do I live in an area with a lot of wind?

The more of these factors that are true for you, the more likely you will have to wash your windows more frequently. A cookie-cutter home in a quiet neighbourhood will not require window cleaning as often as a home near a beach with lots of trees and pollen around the property.

If only one of these factors is true, window washing is recommended 1-2 times per year.

If you live in White Rock, for example, the wind moves the minerals from the ocean, as well as dirt and dust, onto windows year-round. In this case window washing 2-3 times per year is recommended.

Whatever your individual situation, a professional window cleaning company can ensure your windows are streak-free and let that glorious sunshine in.

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