How To Wash Your Home for Painting

Preparing your home for painting is a process that starts even before moving any objects away from your home or putting down drop sheets. The preparation first begins with washing the exterior of your home. By properly washing your home prior to painting, you can expect a longer lasting paint job. We will explain why and how to prepare your home for painting by washing the exterior.

Why Wash Your Home Prior to Painting

You might think that simply painting your home revives the exterior. Though it’s true it might look like a new home, especially after a colour change, the reality is the dirt will be stuck under the paint. The layers of dirt and debris will significantly decrease the life of the new paint layer(s), causing it to peel much sooner than it otherwise should, costing you either potentially more money or a large headache. The reason the paint will begin to chip off is that dirt and debris do not allow the paint to properly bond to the surface. Painting without properly washing your home can make the paint last two or three years, whereas, washing your home before painting can make it last up to seven years.

How to Wash Your Home Prior to Painting

Now that you are aware of the necessary reasons to wash your home prior to painting in the first place, you must make sure it is done correctly. There are several methods of washing home, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. So which method is the one to choose when preparing to paint the exterior of your home? We elaborate on some considerations on how to properly wash your home prior to painting.

High-Pressure Power Washing

There are a couple reasons you might want to start with a high-pressure power wash of your home prior to painting. For example, if you have a lot of large debris on your home, you might require the high pressure to wash off the debris. Another consideration is the style of exterior on the home. Extra consideration should be made for using high pressure on vinyl siding, as damages could occur.

Be sure to wash every surface you will be painting. If a certain area is missed, it will be noticeable after the house is painted.

For these reasons, if high pressure is to be used, consider using a wide tip, such as a 25-degree fan tip or a 15-degree fan tip. Avoid the use of zero-degree tips, which are highly directed and can (and will) cause damage if used without experience. House washing should always be done by a professional. Fill out our online form for a fast quote.

Soft Washing or Low-Pressure Solution Application

Most pressure washers will come with a tip that is called a “soaper,” that is used for applying soap. This soap or detergent should be in a seperate tank or bucket.

Alternatively, you can use a soft wash, which is similar to using a pressure washer with a soaper, but without the use of a pressure washer. Typically the solution being used is more basic than a netural soap, since it has a solution with Sodium Hypochlorite.

Depending on the amount of sun you have, you should let the detergent/solution soak for up to ten minutes. If it is really sunny and warm, quicker rinsing is required. Leaving the solution on for too long can result in streaks or stains.

Allow House to Dry Before Painting

Not all kinds of siding take the same amount of time to dry, so consider that all four sides of your home need to be dry before applying fresh paint. Wood takes much longer to dry, sometimes around 24 hours, whereas vinyl siding will not take as long.

Once the drying is complete, you are ready to get started with the painting. Properly washing your home prior to painting can make a big difference.


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