Vinyl Siding is extremely popular here on the West Coast. Our company specializes in washing homes in the Greater Vancouver area. A few key things to remember with washing vinyl siding:
1. Do not use high pressure to clean vinyl as water can get in behind the siding
2. Use a biodegradable cleaner to degrease the siding so you do not have to use high pressure

First we put detergent on the house. We use our X-jet which applies a nice light pressure to the vinyl siding This detergent will do the majority of the cleaning, rather than using high pressure. We then rinse the siding with a light rinse (strength of a garden hose). If an area is particularly dirty we will use our soft wash brush to get it clean before rinsing.

The strength of pressure we use is roughly the strength of a garden hose. This approach leaves your vinyl looking shiny, and free from dirty and mildew. We have washed hundreds of homes in Surrey, Langley, White Rock, & Abbotsford.

How Often Should I Wash My Vinyl Siding?
We recommend washing your siding every other year. This is typically done in the spring time after our wet winters. Of particular attention is the north side of your home which typically attracts the mildew over the rainy months. Our technicians take great care to ensure your house is sparkly clean for the spring time!

How Much Do You Charge?
Our prices range depending on the size of your home. Our most popular package is our spring clean up package for $480 + 5%. This includes exterior vinyl washing, exterior window washing, and exterior gutter whitening on a standard 2500 Sq ft house.

What Cities Do You Work In?
We work primarily in Surrey, Langley, & White Rock. But we also service these cities: Delta, Abbotsford, Port Coquitlam, Tri-cities, & Aldergrove

How Do I Get a Quote?
Call or text us at 604.398.4040 or email to get your quote. We look forward to serving you and your family!

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