Top 5 Most Common Types of Siding Every Homeowner Should Know

A residential building with a variety of siding types

There are many different varieties of siding material that can be used for homes, each one with a different look, material, and colour. These are just some factors when deciding which type of siding you would like to impress your neighbours and increase your curb appeal!

Not only do the following types of siding have different aesthetic desirabilities, they have different washing requirements, as well. Knowing how to best take care of the siding will help keep your home attractive! In this article, you will learn the top five siding types and the best practices to keep it clean!

Vinyl Siding

If you’ve only ever heard of type of siding, chances are it is vinyl siding. Known for its versatility, vinyl siding is the most common style when it comes to homes. Vinyl is available in many different colours and is very cost-effective. This is another reason vinyl siding is popular.

Washing Tip: Vinyl happens to be less durable than other materials. High-pressure power washing should be avoided if possible. Soft washing is recommended for vinyl as it is a more gentle wash.

Hardie Board

Hardie board looks like vinyl, except that it is mixed with concrete. This makes for a very durable material! It is also available in many different colours. Because of its durability, hardie board is more expensive than vinyl siding.

Washing Tip: The best way to clean hardie board is to pretreat with soft washing solution, sodium hypochlorite, and then power washing or brushing the really dirty spots.

Wood Siding

Natural wood siding has a more rustic look but with the added benefit of easily being able to stain and re-stain to freshen up the look. It is recommended to paint every 5-7 years, unless you have cedar shake siding. Wood siding often required more maintenance than vinyl and Hardie board. Termites, rodents, and other critters can infiltrate wood siding, though repairs are often affordable and easy. Another thing to avoid is trapped moisture and water, which can lead to rotting.

Washing Tip: Natural wood is porous and soft washing should be avoided, unless it is painted. If the wood is stained soap, water, and elbow grease is needed.

Metal Siding

Though metal siding typically has a higher upfront cost associated with it, this option for siding has a long life and durability. This makes for a worthy option for siding. The durability means it is not susceptible to bugs, fire, or mold. And unlike natural wood siding, will be resistant to pesky rodents. The main issue when dealing with metal siding is the chance of rusting. Metal siding is gaining in popularity, especially in the west.

Washing Tip: Regular power washing of the metal siding will ensure your house looks brand new.


One of the most aesthetic options for siding, brick is also a great heat-insulator. And not only does it look cool, it generally requires low maintenance. Eventually the mortar between the bricks would need to be re-mortared.

Washing Tip: Be careful when power washing in between the bricks as the high pressure can damage and erode the mortar in between the bricks.

Washing Your Siding

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