What do you look for when you hire?

The service you provide is not your business. Your business if your people.. your team. Over the last few years in business, I have learned the very important lesson that you are only as strong as your team. If you do everything yourself you don’t have a business, you have a job. When building a company, who you hire on is extremely important. I love to meet new people and see what they are looking for and see if they align with our company. I really like to take time in hiring the right fit for our team.

The 3 C’s that I look for are:

Character – Do they have deeply rooted values? Is this person morally grounded? Would you trust them collecting payment from customers? It is true that character reveals itself over time. Some people are more talk than action and over time you can really get to know a person and how they operate. Character cannot be trained. Character is the person who you are in the dark, when no one is watching.

Competence – Do they have what it takes to do the job? Some people are incompetent. These are the people who have had 6 jobs over the past 6 months. They can never seem to find the right fit, and although this may be true, the root issue is usually competence. Contrary to this, good people are consistently employed. The challenge with having competent team members is keeping them challenged to do excellent work. Once a team member is trained up, the best thing you can do as their manager is to get out of the way.

Chemistry – Will myself or our team members like working with them? Some people can be competent but they suck to have on a team. I have seen this with painting. I have hired a painter who thought he was God’s gift to painting. Yes he finished jobs quickly and with high quality, but our painters didn’t like working with this individual. When someone isn’t a team player it wreaks havoc on the morale of your company.


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