Soft Washing as a method for house washing exterior siding has become more prevalent the last few years. More and more homeowners opt to wash their most prized possession by soft washing, rather than high pressure power washing.

In this article, we will discuss what exactly soft washing is and how to do it safely.

Different House Washing Methods

Though soft washing is our standard method of exterior house washing, there are several other methods that exist, these are:

  1. High-pressure power washing. This is the traditional method of house washing, and it involves using a power washer to remove dirt and debris with high-impact water.
  2. Downstream soap injector power washing. “Downstreaming” refers to the process of injecting soap or detergent directly into the power washer output.
  3. Soft brushing. This method is the least efficient as it takes the longest amount of time, but it is the safest for inexperienced cleaners. This method involves using a brush to scrub the siding with a detergent.
  4. Soft washing. The most efficient method of house washing, involves a soft wash system to lightly and safely apply cleaning solution on siding.

What Exactly is Soft Washing

Soft washing uses a detergent solution composed of a mix of sodium hypochlorite and surfactants. This solution is then sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned, whether it is vinyl siding, Hardie, concrete, stucco, etc. Since soft washing is a low-pressure washing alternative, the pump output for the soft washing solution is about the strength of a garden house, around 90-100 PSI.

How to Safely Soft Wash Your Home

There are a few key things to consider before you get started:

  1. Wear proper PPE. When working with sodium hypochlorite, remember to wear proper safety equipment.
  2. Cover plants. Sodium hypochlorite can discolour and sometimes damage plants. Be sure to cover them to prevent any damage.
  3. Start with a test patch. To avoid further damage, should it occur, start with a small section and assess whether you should continue or not.

After you take into account the aforementioned safety measures, it is time to start soft washing. Remember to first pre-rinse all plant life that might be in the way when soft washing. Then, it is time to mix in the proper proportion of chemicals in the tank. Then spray the cleaning surface and rinse after 10-15 minutes.

Soft washing is a very efficient way of house washing nowadays. If you are interested in receiving a quote for washing your home, fill out our form online here.

A Video Example of Soft Washing

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