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Meet the Owner

After spending 7 years building a successful house painting business, Dave sought out to connect with something bigger and more impactful. He wanted to build a business that is systematized and gives back to the community. Revive Services was built out of Dave’s love for entrepreneurship along with his passion for clean drinking water. 

Dave has been a Hope International supporter for years and has built Revive Services around this concept. Over the past 3 years, Revive has washed over 1100 homes in the Metro Vancouver Area, raising money to sponsor 19 water projects in Pursat, Cambodia and Chano Dorga, Ethiopia. To read more on this initiative, read the May 2020 Cloverdale reporter article here.

On a personal level, Dave loves to spend time with his wife Alexandra, read entrepreneurship books, play golf, explore new countries, and drink Pike Place coffee from Starbucks. 

Meet the Team

Steve S.

Steve has years of experience cleaning windows as well as experience managing a home service business, and for those reasons, Steve is the Operations Manager at Revive Services. Steve is great with our clients and brings in many five-star reviews to our company. Steve knows what it takes to deliver excellent service to our clients and excels in problem solving. 

Katrina B.

Katrina is a master of customer service and serves as Revive Services’s Office Manager. She deals with answering your phone calls, replying to emails, sending quotes, and making sure our technicians have work by scheduling jobs. 

Alysha S.

Alysha joined our team as an Office Administrator with many years working in dispatch. She started working part-time, but due to a busy season, and a desirable work ethic, Alysha now works at Revive Services full time. She helps Katrina in the office with answering phone calls, replying to emails, and sending quotes.

Terry Z

Terry has a background in high rise window cleaning and has a passion for rock climbing. He is great with our clients and specializes in problem solving on the job-site.

Conrad C

Conrad has years of experience in the home services industry in painting and exterior cleaning. Conrad is analytical, and great with clients, and specializes in helping us generate our hundreds of Google reviews.

Samantha H

Samantha is a people person and our clients absolutely love her. She services our clients at a high level, so much so that she won our ‘Revive Service award’ in 2022.

Brenden C

Brenden has been instrumental in helping grow our company using his problem solving skills and eye for details on the job-site. Brenden won the ‘Revive GOAT award’ in 2022 for his outstanding workmanship serving our clients.


Do you want to be the newest member of our team? We are always hiring for a variety of positions within the company. Think you would be a good fit? Head over to our Careers page to apply today!