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Pricing Table



Soft House Washing1

$0.20/sq. foot

Interior Gutter Cleaning2

$1.75 – $2.00/linear foot

Exterior Gutter Washing

$1.00 – $1.50/linear foot

Window Washing


Flat Surface Power Washing

$0.40/sq. foot

Roof Moss Removal3

$0.25 – $0.70/sq. foot

Awning Cleaning (Top Only) 10’x15′


Awning Cleaning (Full Detail) 10’x15′


Skylight Cleaning


Christmas Light Installation
(Rental, Installation, Take-down

$8.00/linear foot

Exterior Trim Painting

Estimate Required

1 Standard House Washing includes Siding + Exterior Windows + Wood Trim
2 Interior + Exterior Gutter Cleaning Bundle = $3/linear foot
3 We de-bulk and remove the majority of the moss, clean out all the gutters and then spray our moss treatment. Can take 3-6 months for all moss to be gone. Two year warranty can be extended after two years for $0.25/sq. foot.

We do NOT do the following services: