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We provide a number of services for commercial and strata properties, including: Soft Washing of Siding, Gutter Cleaning (interior cleaning and exterior washing), Window Washing (interior and exterior), Flat Surface Power Washing, Roof Moss Removal, and Christmas Light Installation.

Commercial & Strata Softwashing

We do soft washing on a variety of materials including: Vinyl, cedar, hardie plank, aluminum, brick. We use a soft wash approach with biodegradable cleaning solution to ensure your siding is cleaned properly without the use of high pressure.

We use our cleaning detergent to get the dirt and mildew off your vinyl siding. First we put detergent on the house. This detergent will do the majority of the cleaning, rather than using high pressure. We then rinse the siding with a light rinse (strength of a garden hose). If an area is particularly dirty we will use our soft wash brush to get it clean before rinsing.

The strength of pressure we use is roughly the strength of a garden hose. This approach leaves your vinyl looking shiny, and free from dirt and mildew.

How Often Should I Softwash the Building?

Our soft washing detergent washed off all dirt but also kills moss and algae that might be growing. We would recommend at least every two years, but depending on the amount of shade the building receives, once a year certainly would not hurt.

Commercial & Strata Gutter Cleaning

There are four main concerns when it comes to gutters and the reasons why Gutter Cleaning is important for your strata or commercial building:

  1. Water Damage – The purpose of gutters are to provide a path for water flowing from the roof to the ground. If this pathway is impeded, water can be pushed up under your roof and into the walls of your building. This can lead to costly repairs.
  2. Gutter Collapse – If your gutters are weighed down with heavy debris due to a lack of cleaning, they can collapse. New gutters are a lot more costly than having them cleaned.
  3. Home for Animals – Having a build up of leaves and debris create a cozy home for small animals. Small rodents and birds can begin to live in your gutters and even make their way into your home.
  4. Poor Aesthetics – You want your building looking good for curb appeal. Your building will not look very nice with overflowing gutters.

We use our gutter cleaning vacuum to ensure your gutters and eavestroughs are thoroughly cleaned out. We also do a full flush of your downspouts to ensure water is flowing properly.

Our technicians are properly trained and given excellent equipment including ladders, stand-offs, and safety harnesses to properly complete the work.

Commercial & Strata Window Washing

The team window washing the exterior windows at a commercial property in South Surrey.

Dirt, dust, and grime will build up on your windows over time. Regular washing will ensure the strength of the glass is not compromised and so you can keep enjoying your nice view. Washing the exterior of your windows on a regular basis will save you the homeowner expensive repair costs down the road.

It is much more cost effective to regularly wash your windows than have to pay for new windows sooner than you need to.

In addition, enjoying a nice view outside your window is always a nice bonus!

We use our extension poles with purified water to wash the exterior of the windows. Not only is this a safer approach, it also does a higher quality job than hand washing. There is no residue left behind as we are working with 100% purified water. When the window washing is completed, our technicians will inspect their workmanship to ensure your view is 100% shiny!

Commercial & Strata Power Washing

Flat surface power washing of a commercial building in Fort Langley. Conrad uses the Whirl-A-Way flat surface cleaner to wash all the flat concrete areas around Wendel's.

How Often Should I Get a House Wash?

We recommend a house washing in Cloverdale once per year. This is typically done in the spring time after our wet winters. Of particular attention is the north side of your home which typically attracts the mildew over the rainy months. Our technicians take great care to ensure your house is sparkly clean for the spring time!

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We have washed many commercial and strata buildings in the Lower Mainland. Our technicians are friendly, professional, and competent. You can trust Revive to wash your building with ease of mind.

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