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We use our soft wash system to ensure your moss is removed safely and softly.


Why remove moss?

Over time moss on you roof will compromise the integrity of your roof. Moss will weaken your roof and can actually cause the shingles to lift up. This leaves your roof open to potential water damage and moisture issues. Moss grows in a damp environment and with the amount of rain we see on the West Coast it is important to have your roof inspected for moss growth.

Our Process

  1. We set up our fall protection so we can be safe working on your roof
  2. We gently sweep off moss chunks on your roof. This is a gentle sweep so that we are not removing granules from you roof shingles
  3. We treat the affected areas with our post roof cleaning treatment. After a few good rain falls, the moss will turn brown and continue to disappear
  4. We inspect the roof and due to the gentle cleaning of the roof, it can take up to 6 months for the moss to fully disappear from you roof.

What about Safety?

Our crews are trained to safely remove the moss off your roof. Our company fully covered with WorkSafe BC and we use safety harnesses when we are walking on your roof. We take safety very seriously at Revive Washing.

Our Lead Technician will go over the scope of work with you to start the job. Included in this conversation is our approach to safety and if your house has any specific areas of concern.

Roof Moss in Surrey

Why Trust Revive Services?

You’ll always get a house that exudes curb appeal and top quality when you choose Revive Washing for roof moss removal of your property in Surrey. We don’t count the job done until we’re exceeded our rigorous standards.

Our team brings specialized service to your home. You can trust us to deliver:

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