7 BEST Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether you want to increase the curb appeal of your home or you are looking to list your home, you may want to consider performing these services on your home. Your home is your largest investment and one that should not be neglected. These tips can help increase the life span of your property and increase the value of your home.


Atkinson Landscaping are located in Surrey, BC

Landscaping is often the first thing one sees when they first see your home. It is not enough to simply mow the lawn, adding fresh mulch and blooming flowers can brighten up the property. When selling your home, these techniques can be helpful. Get a free quote for landscaping or lawn care from our friends at Atkinson Landscaping.


Prime Painters is located in Surrey, BC

A new coat of paint can add years to the exterior of your home, and it does not require a colour change. If you were thinking of changing colours, keep in mind that neutral colours are more desirable than funky colours. A good rule of thumb is it should be done every seven to ten years. A good idea is to also consider painting the interior of your home when selling, as this will bring new life to the inside of your home. For a free quote, check out our friends at Prime Painters.


Showing the impact of good plumbing for residential houses

Homes built before the 1990s can contain outdated pipe materials, and therefore not up to the Building Code in Canada. The three most common materials used in houses before 1990 are: polybutylene (can decompose), lead (which was banned in Canada in 1975), and galvanized (ie. zinc, which can corrode over time). Make sure your plumbing is up to date and replace if needed. We trust our friends at Ashton Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.

Handyman Work

604 Handyman works in the lower mainland with handyman work

If you’re selling a home you’ve lived in for years, chances are it has its fair share of scratches and dings. If that is the case, you might have a long list of minor repairs and tasks that need to be done. That is where handyman work comes in. Handyman companies help you with the smaller things that contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. do not have time for. We leave it to our friends at 604 Handyman with handyman work in the Lower Mainland.

Cabinet Refinishing

Prime Painters is located in Surrey, BC and they do cabinet refinishing.

A more cost-effective alternative to buying all new cabinets is to refinish them! Refinishing cabinets in your bathroom and/or kitchen can rejuvenate the room at a lower cost then buying new cabinets. The cabinets are not only painted, they are refinished by cleaning, lightly sanding, filling and then primed, before adding the paint. Again, see our friends at Prime Painters for a cabinet refinishing quote.

House Washing

We use our soft wash system to ensure the siding on your home is washed safely, softly, and effectively. We do not use a power washer to clean the vinyl siding on your home. We use our cleaning agents to ensure that mildew, dirt, and algae are all removed from the siding of your home. Once we have cleaned your siding, we ensure the grounds are left clean and that debris is not left behind after our cleaning. Get a free quote for house washing.

Pressure Washing

Flat surface power washing of a commercial building in Fort Langley. Conrad uses the Whirl-A-Way flat surface cleaner to wash all the flat concrete areas around Wendel's.

With the amount of rain we get on the West Coast, mildew and algae love sticking to just about anything around your home. Some of algae’s best friends are walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and decks. Regular power washing these areas around your home will prolong the life of these surfaces. Get a free quote for power washing.

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