If you are a homeowner, regularly cleaning out your gutters is an important and necessary component of maintaining your home. If your home is closely situated to trees cleaning out your gutters twice a year is optimal. 

Failing to clean out your gutters can lead to the following problems:

Water DamageThe purpose of gutters are to provide a path for water flowing from your roof to the ground. If this pathway is impeded, water can be pushed up under your roof and into the walls of your home. This can lead to costly repairs

Gutter Collapse – If your gutters are weighed down with heavy debris due to a lack of cleaning, they can collapse. New gutters are a lot more costly than having your gutters cleaned

Home for Animals – Having a build up of leaves and debris create a cozy home for small animals. Small rodents and birds can begin to live in your gutters and even make their way into your home

Poor Home Aesthetics – You want your home looking good for curb appeal. Your home will not look very nice with overflowing gutters


At Revive, we specialize in gutter cleaning for homes in Surrey, Langley, and White Rock.

Our Gutter cleaning process is as follows:

  • Remove all dirt and debris with our gutter vacuum
  • Complete flush to ensure water flowing properly through downspouts
  • Bagging and removing all debris from your property

Learn more about Revive’s approach to gutter cleaning or get your instant estimate Here

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