Our clients are a major stakeholder in our business at Revive Washing. We have 5 main touch points that we have made a detailed process around. We use this 5 step process for each client that comes into our business for all our services for exterior house washing. Communication is so important in a home service business and we like to communicate well and often with our clients.

This is the 5 Step Process that we use at Revive Washing:

  1. Detailed Proposal – Our clients receive a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work. This outline includes what is included and what is excluded from the quote. This keeps us on the same page as our client and ensures that expectations get met. We use our CRM Jobber to generate this detailed proposal. The proposal also indicates that if the client books in with their neighbour, we will give them both a 10% discount. 
  2. Client Introduction – When our crew arrives, our Lead Technician introduces the crew and goes over the job that they are going to do for the client. Any questions the client may have are answered. Clear expectations for how long the job will take and payment terms are discussed at this stage. Our Lead Technician also stresses the fact that we want to do an amazing job washing their home to receive a 5 star review from the client and also gain their referrals to friends and neighbours. 
  3. Mid-Point Check-In – This is a quick stage, but an important one. Our Lead Technician checks in with the client once the crew is about half-way through the job. The Lead Tech mentions any additional areas that might need washing as well as gives a time estimate for the completion of the job.
  4. Client Exit – This is an important stage as there is a lot happening at this stage. Our Lead Technician will do a full walk around with the client to ensure all areas are taken care of. The Lead Tech then collects payment, reminds the client about writing us a review, and reminds the client to refer us to the family and friends. In addition, our Lead Tech leaves behind our thank-you package which includes some business cards, a post card with our future services, and a coupon encouraging our client to book a future appointment. Reminding clients of all your services is so important as homeowners are busy and do not always know of all your service offerings.
  5. Client Follow-Up – Our Production Manager places a phone call to every client within the week of their service appointment to check in to ensure they are happy and had a positive experience. Another reminder for a review and referrals will be given during this phone call. If the client has any areas needing touch-ups, they will be scheduled at this time. In addition to the phone call, we provide a hand written thank-you card which goes in the mail the same week as the service was completed.

This is our 5 step process. It is simple, but it is effective. We use this process for all our services including:

  • Exterior house washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Gutter and eavestrough cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Christmas Light Installation

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it helps you.

-Dave Moerman

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