2021 Recap and Highlights

Fireworks to celebrate the new year at Revive Washing!

At Revive Services, we had a pretty large goal for the year: to co-sponsor a school in Cambodia. Up until 2021, we were donating a portion of our revenue to help fund the production of water wells. We are pleased to announce, we were able to achieve this stretch goal of co-sponsoring the school.

The school is home to roughly 200 students from grades six to eight. Below is a photo of the exterior of the school.

2021 was also another year we grew. Each year since we began in 2016, we have grown, not only in the size of our team, but in the number of happy clients we served. This past year we washed 1080 homes and installed Christmas lights on 90 houses.

Introducing Our New Office Manager

Our Office Manager who sends out quotes and scheduled jobs, Katrina B.
Our Office Manager, Katrina B.

This past year, we introduced our new Office Manager, Katrina, to the Revive Team. A large part of our company’s success is thanks to the hard work Katrina does behind the scenes.

Katrina immediately displayed our core value of Kaizen. This means that she brought with her a lot of innovation and creativity to the team. Coupled with her sense of humour and motherly care, Katrina is a fantastic addition to the team in 2021.

Time to Reflect

The end of the year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year, which gives us an indication on how to plan the next year. January and February will be spent strategizing for the following year.

A good way to reflect on the year is to listen and read what our clients have to say about us. Whether good or bad, we love to hear feedback about how we are doing as a company. If you would like to leave a review of our service you can click here!

Read some of our reviews from the past year:

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