David Moerman had the opportunity to sit down with Colin Toop with the Tools of the Trade Podcast

The discussion in the interview was centered around how and why David Moerman started Revive Washing. The genesis of the company started in early May of 2016 and has continued to grow and wash homes locally to bring clean water globally.

David talks about how Revive Washing was started with a passion for wanting to create change in the world by helping with the water crisis. So far Revive has sponsored 17 wheels by donating 3% of each job to support water initiatives in Cambodia.

More talking points in the interview include:

  • What Revive Washing is all about
  • The role he plays in the company
  • What their typical day looks like
  • Number of hours he puts in every week
  • How David got to where he is right now
  • How David’s entrepreneurial journey started
  • Where his passion for the type of business he’s doing came from
  • What differentiates Revive Washing from the competition

Hear the full episode by clicking here

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