Window Washing With A Water Fed Pole: Why We Use Them

There exist two common methods of window washing that are found in the window washing industry:

  1. Traditional window washing with soap and squeegee
  2. Washing with water fed pole and boar’s hair bristle brush

The first method, as you can imagine, involves climbing up and down ladders to reach upper windows. It is more time consuming and more technical.

The second method uses 100% purified water and can be done safely from the ground.

In this article, we will explain the process and benefits of cleaning with a water fed pole.

Why Purified Water

Often times, people assume soaps or solvents have to be used for window washing, but that is not strictly the case.

Regular tap water contains impurities and tiny dissolved particles. These particles, when they dry on windows, leave behind marks and/or streaks.

Water quality is determined by measuring the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). The TDS will measure whether the water is soft or hard. If the water is hard, the water must be purified.

To purify water, we have to use a purifier. The most common purification process used in window washing is called deionization. These DI (deionization) filters can connect directly to homeowners’ water sources with a standard water hose.

Revive Washing Blog Post: Water-Fed Poles: What Are They and Why We Use Them. This has a photo of a Tucker DI filter used for exterior window washing in Surrey, BC.

The other end of the DI filter has a water fed hose, which is much thinner than standard garden hoses. This water fed hose leads into and through the water fed pole.

What Are Water Fed Poles

The other end of the DI filter has a water fed hose, which is much thinner than standard garden hoses. The water fed hose leads into and through the water fed pole and connected to the water fed brush head.

Revive Washing uses the Tucker Eco water fed pole for exterior window washing in Surrey

Water fed poles can be composed of aluminum, carbon fibre, or fibreglass, and can reach anywhere from a couple floors to six storeys, depending on the size.

The bristles on the water fed pole are generally composed of boar’s hair. The combination of 100% purified water and the scrubbing with the brush leave windows streak free.

Why Use Water-Fed Poles

Now that we explained what water fed poles and deionization filters are, why do we insist on using them? There are three main reasons we decide to use water fed poles when washing exterior windows:

  1. Safety – Using water fed poles allows us to work from the ground 99% of the time when washing exterior windows. Climbing up and down ladders can pose a safety risk, and using a water fed allows us to wash windows safely, without compromising on quality.
  2. Speed – Without the need to move ladders, and climb up and down them, we are able to use the water fed pole to more efficiently clean windows on a home.
  3. Cost – Traditional window washing with a squeegee takes a longer amount of time, therefore costing homeowners more.
  4. Recurring Packages – We have begun offering our clients recurring pricing for window washing when booking multiple times per year. If you are interested in window washing this year, get a quote here.

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